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  1. Hi dear NCH Support-Team. We bought IVM (with emailadress wolfgang@hilltronic.de) incl. gold support, but your support-system tells always that it doesnt know this emailadress so that i can not request any support. I can send you screenshots of error message of ticket system and also of our tax invoice for our bought product... thanks for help, Wolf.
  2. Hi, i just installed (and bought after testing) this great software (from finding it on google until ready syste, for getting some data from callers and entering it into database it was 5 hours). no i want to use it for doing outgoing calls with an information ("text: your device xyz made an alarm, please check status"). For this i want to call ivm.exe with parameter outgoing ogm and phone number. if i call ivm.exe with outgoing phonenumber its working fine but the default OGM for incoming calls is played. there is an parameter for setting outgoingogmmessage but this seems to be not accepted from ivm. any ideas? thanks Wolf.
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