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  1. I am also having this problem since upgrading. Have you figured this out? My older version works just fine still. Same settings and everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It seems as though these problem arrise after they made changes to the way it send mail through google. I use a mac 10.6.8.
  2. I had the same problem. Complete bs. I paid for the full version then upgraded and lost usability and its asking me to pay again.
  3. i skipped a few updates and jumped right to v3.21 now when i try to add an item it says description too long. I also get that message when i type notes into private nd public notes. Please help asap as i cannot create anymore quotes.
  4. I had this very same problem and tech support could not help me even after multiple installs. I have a macbook pro with the latest snow software. i'm not mac wiz but in browsing my computer for hours there is a file with express invoice or similar in the computer hidden in wich you need to delete and then reinstall, maby a preference file?. (it is a file that does not get removed uninstalling) after deleting that it worked flawlessly after reinstall. make sure you saved a backup to reload after your fix.
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