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  1. Hiya, I think i might have the same problem. When you say you went back to a 8khz voice, do you mean a default one like microsoft sam? My natural voice worked fine with version 5.00, but i had to buy a new licence it upgraded it to v5.02. Now if i have an OGM with a variable in it just hangs afterwards and doesnt go to the next OGM. A bit rubbish really!!
  2. In addition to this its worth mentioning that that previous version (that I had working fine) was IVM 5.00 The version I got when buying it again is 5.02. Looks like there is bug somewhere in the software. Its very strange how the natural voice will say the variable and everything else in the OGM but will just not fire the next OGM. I’m losing the will to live with this, anybody got any ideas? Thanks, Kev
  3. Hi, I have bought a text to speech voice called Audrey(www.nextup.com) which im using for my IVR system. It has been working fine with general speech and variables. I have recently got another server to use a test environment. Its the same config as the other server and i have bought another IVR licence. I have installed Audrey and sapi 5.1 which was needed last time to recognise the voice. General speech works fine, she says the variables fine but then it wont go to the next OGM. Its doesnt error, it just hangs and does nothing. I cant find anything in the event logs on the server and im really stuck with it. I will be very impressed if anyone has any ideas what this might be! Any information would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Kev
  4. Yeah thanks for that. I think it wasnt showing becuase i didnt have sapi5 on the server. Anyway, I have bought a voice (Audrey!) from that website nextup - i was already looking on there when you mentioned it, got it working fine now, just had to give it a re-boot. Thanks for the info.
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and was hoping for a bit of help. I have created my IVR system and a backend plugin no probs but I need to use a different voice as microsoft sam is awful. There are even free ones from NCH software available which i have downloaded. http://www.nch.com.au/speech/index.html However when i go into control panel > speech there are no other voices there apart from microsoft sam. I have even downloaded some other software which identifies voices on your PC/server and that cant find any others either! Am i missing something obvious or should these just be visible? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, Kev
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