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  1. I haven't started using Delegate so I cannot really help you with that. Have a look at what happens to the file movements between the folder from when it is sent as a job to it being picked up by Delegate (remember there is a default inbox and outbox folder in Delegate, these aren't pointing to the original folder are they? they seem to be temporary holding folders) and also does Delegate delete it from the source folder when it puts it out to the destination (scribe) folder? Watching the folders in real time should give you an idea. And if you close Dictate then reopen it (same day) do the files reappear in Dictate? COuld it be some smartypants backup or replication tool doing the deed? What is your opinion on Delegate? Do you use it live or do you have it set for automation? Good Luck, Millsey
  2. We have found that using a UNC path works better than mapped drives. We had issues where files could not be deleted even though the permissions were OK. This was solved by using UNC paths such as \\dictate\jobs\matlegal\stacyrostron\ as the target folder in ED. Millsey
  3. We have abandoned ftp usage because it is too much hassle to set up and there do not appear to be any benefits over just file sharing. We are running DialDictate under FireDaemon and it works OK, if anyone wants the settings please relpy to this post and I will get back to you. (remember to set DialDictate to NOT run as a service!) It really does not like terminal services - it runs fine as a console app but it all goes wrong with the lines if we try to RDP over to the server and use DD with or without stopping the service. Just my experiences so far. Millsey
  4. Is it possible to view the "Sent Work Progress" in DIctate of jobs recorded in Dial Dictate? We are puttin both Express Dictate jobs and Dial Dictate jobs into the same folder but the Dial jobs do not show up on the "Sent Work Progress" screen. This would be very useful. Maybe the file name has to be in a specific format or the audio compression has to be a certain codec?? Thanks Millsey
  5. Just finished doing some proper setup and testing of DialDictate with an EasyTapi board supplied from NCH. The board was ordered Wednesday together with footpedals/headsets and arrived the following Monday in the UK! Firstly a neverending trap for me was to control the server remotely usign RDP. Most clients are set up to bring the audio across fromt he server .. this means that an extra wave device suddenly appears on the server and everything gets confused, the most common symptom was that DD would answer but immediately hang up. The second issue is that DD works as a service but it starts up for the user when logging into the server over a remote desktop connection. THis means that two instances of the program are running - one service and one for the user. Again this causes problems. I know that you can set the program to open only for certain user but that does not really solve the problem since I always want to reconfigure DD .. I am going to have a play with running DD under Firedaemon. So far so good I am hoping to get an ftp program which logs activity to an ODBC database so that we can get web based tracking and possibly some integration with our Case Management Software. Thanks for a great product. Millsey
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