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  1. Millsey, Thank you for responding so quickly. I apologize for not getting back to read your response. I have been swamped with projects and have come across yet more problems with the NCH suite of programs... I'll have to set myself a reminder to check back for updates. First, I will address the original problem of dictations reappearing. It seems that (and I am still testing) if in the Settings page on the Options tab, if we check both "Prompt for Data" and "Use Additional Prompt", we do not see notes reappearing. The only visible difference to the file names (as viewed in
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I changed my data directory as well as the delivery address from mapped drives to UNC paths but it still did not make any difference. All old files keep showing up. Also, the doctor informed me that it is taking extremely long to send files now as compared to when she started using the software. I emailed NCH support over a week ago and still have not even received an acknowledgment of my request. NOTE: This is getting to be very frustrating not to mention the problems we are having with Delegate and Scribe... Thanks, Brian
  3. I had this problem with one of our systems here. Have you verified that the petals are not installed and you hava good clean boot when you install the software? I found that if I had the petals plugged in when I installed the driver it would not work.
  4. I am in the process of rolling out approx. 30 users for Express Dictate. I have 5 using it regularly now to dictate case notes for a Mental Health counseling center. The problem is that some of the therapists are seeing what appears to be files "coming back" after they were sent. To further explain: Person A creates 5 new dictations. They send them to the file store like always. Express Delegate picks them up like normal. The next day when Person A comes back to work and opens up Express Dictate, they see the files that they sent the day before. It appears as though they hadn't sent th
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