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  1. So that must mean that even after removing pref files etc, some files are still left behind. always thought Mac was not supposed to leave scrap files around after removing and app, not much better than windows after all. I even tried using App Delete, that is supposed to remove files the apps leave behind, but that did not find the prefs files. Will try to do a manual search, thanks Neil
  2. Since you say, that you have green bars when the vinyl is playing, then it sound like audio is arriving at the PC, so check the PC audio settings, for sliders down at minimum, muted devices etc. Right Click the speaker icon in the system tray and select 'Open Volume Control' then in the windows that appears Options/ Properties, and click the 'Recording' Radio button. Make sure that if you have multiple devices in the Mixer Device Drop down box, that the correct one is selected (you may need to experiment here if you have multiple devices). Also ensure that there is a tick next to the '
  3. OK, so I read the sticky, and it says this forum is not for contacting the product staff directly, and I did feel that this is possibly a question that may require their help, so I went to the Support pages and submitted a question there, only to see one of the options on the support question page is: "Have you asked the question on the forum?' so I thought that I ought to do that as well. As far as I was aware, I had not used Golden Records before, but maybe I did try it in the past, anyway cant remember and want to try it again. This is on a Mac (Leopard 10.5.7) I download
  4. Well, I have a similar problem on a Mac, and am about to post a question about that in a moment, But as to your question. First I would try to download a new version of the trial, re boot the PC, and then try to remove again using the built in unistaller, or Add/Remove Programs. If you have already done that and it has failed then there are various un-installer/cleaner programs available. I use Revo (freeware): http://www.revouninstaller.com/ on a USB stick. Use Hunter mode/ advanced/complete/thorough what ever it is called. It takes slightly longer but hunts down all remnants
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