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  1. Try new version. It records to mp3 out of box.
  2. All settings by default, exclude resolution. It was 1024x768. MPEG4(Native), 2 - 4 Mb
  3. Hi, Try to reuse Mic Volume in Audio Settings. Also If you have "+20db" amplifying, you should disable it in Mic settings. To reduce hiss, use high-pass filter(effect)
  4. Works excellent for me! No pixellising here when building slideshow. You can see pixellising only at Preview time. We use this to render effects in Real-Time.
  5. Vec USB foot pedal works fine for me. Which one you using? Aslo tell me do you running other foot-pedal software, eg Pedable or ExpressDictate when you found this problem?
  6. Hi Steve, No, broadwave can not do this. But we making the special software for this. Thanks, Nik
  7. Hi, What is your file name? It is possible it too large
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