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  1. I'm trying to convert a DVD with prism. It says could not set up output file. NCH says this is a problem with Vista. The only thing is I DON'T HAVE VISTA. I have XP. The file I want to write to can be written to. I don't understand what the point of this software is. It doesn't work at alll, no matter what I try.
  2. I don't know why you say this because this does not work. I have seen it in several threads and I can't find any way to possibly do this.
  3. Are you using bookmarks? If so this feature doesn't work after you set or use bookmarks -- you have to restart the software. No other workarounds are known at this time but I think they are working on it for the next version.
  4. I recently upgraded to the most recent version of Express Scribe (4.15 or whatever it is) I am having a problem with bookmarks that I did not have on previous versions, and I use bookmarks extensively while transcribing to help with speaker ID. Now when I set a bookmark or access a bookmark in a file, the backspace feature no longer works. Therefore when I lift off the pedal, it no longer backspaces a bit while I am transcribing. That's a feature I really need. The only workaround I have found (I played around a LOT with the software) was to shut down Express Scribe where I left off and reopen it and then the backspace works -- but only until I use another bookmark. I have really cut down on using bookmarks because of this. In general I like the new version better -- especially the enhanced file renaming ability and other features, but this is causing problems for me in my efficiency. I don't use hot keys because they conflict with other software. I use the foot pedal pretty much exclusively and sometimes the keyboard/software window. Any suggestions, similar experience, replication of this? Thanks!! Lori
  5. One of the columns that I like is the column for file "priority" on the Express Scribe window, but I can't figure out how to change the priority of the file from anything other than normal. I looked through help, played around with the software, couldn't find it -- anyone know how to do this? Thanks Lori
  6. You can also recover the files and then delete them. Or set them to delete after a certain number of days like the other person said. Or if you don't need them as soon as you are done with the transcript, just delete them to begin with instead of pressing "done." Lori
  7. Are these possibly the done files? How many done files do you have? If you press "done" when a file is done and do not delete it, the file is still stored in Express Scribe. If you want to get rid of these, you have to recover them from old files, and then delete them. You can also set Express Scribe to delete them after they are in the done/old files for a certain numbers of days, 1-60 days after they are done. This will delete the files permanently from Express Scribe but not permanently from your hard drive if you loaded them into Express Scribe off your hard drive somewhere else and not from an outside source. A way around this it to just delete the files when you are done instead of pressing done, but then if you don't have them stored anywhere else, they are gone forever. Hope this helps Lori
  8. I really think the only way to replicate this is just to have a really gigantic file -- this happened to me, only when I had a gigantic file, no matter what the settings were (believe me, I changed everything) Client was able to split the file, but was not happy about it. Next time I will know when I get a huge file to ask for it to be split -- anything over 2.5 hours or so is risky. I think it also may depend if it's a .wav or .mp3, but I'm not sure -
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