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  1. I found a site that has some settings that have improved the Echo on the PSTN Line through the SPA3012 but I still have a bit a of tweaking before it is better. See link below for anyone else that has similar problems. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...1108030&p=2 Cheers
  2. Hi guys, I have a problem with Axon when my PC boots up. It says the PBX server has crashed and then I cannot do anything. I can't even get the web login page up to enable login. The only way I have found to fix the problem is to unistall and then re-install the software again. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance DazzleMe
  3. Thanks I will check it out. Also, do you know how to get rid of a bad echo when I am using my headset on PSTN calls coming through the SPA3102? I only seem to get it when someone calls through on the PSTN line. My Voip sounds pretty clear and it is my voice that is echoing. I don't think the customer can hear it. If you don't I will post it in another thread. Cheers DazzleMe
  4. Thanks Pythonpoole, Yes, that is what I have currently got setup but unfortunately our Telco charges for every call that is forwarded when busy. I am trying to look at ways of answering mulitple incoming PSTN calls without being charged $0.25 AU for every call forwarded to my VOIP line. I could change our phone number to a VOIP number but I am not that keen in doing this, just in case we lose power or our ADSL line goes down. The other option is to have a 1300 number that costs $15AU a month and calls are timed after 2 minutes and we pay for the cost of the incoming call. This way customers ring the 1300 number from anywhere in Australia for the cost of the local call and the Telco transfers the call to 3 numbers of your choice. However, we would also have to spend money on our signage to change the number. Any other ideas? Cheers DazzleMe
  5. Hi All, I have a SPA3102 adaptor setup with Axon and Express Talk. I have a PSTN line that has Call Waiting setup on it. When I am on a PSTN call and someone else calls in I don't know how to receive the 2nd call using Express Talk. Does anyone know if Express Talk can retrieve Call Waiting calls? Cheers Dazzleme
  6. The other option I have is to set up call waiting on the PSTN line. This way when a second caller tries to ring through I hear the call waiting tone. However, I am not sure if Express Talk can handle Call Waiting? Does anyone know how to receive a Call waiting call on Express Talk? I might post this question in the Express Talk Forum. Cheers DazzleMe
  7. Hi Dan, Thanks for your response. Yes, unfortunately we in Australia get charged for every call that is forwarded from a PSTN line to another number. That's exactly what I want to do but every call that gets diverted to the Voip line will incur a $0.25 AU call charge. THe other option I considered is a 1300 number. Which allows customers to call the 1300 from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call and that number then gets forwarded to 3 different nominated numbers. The only down side is the cost. It costs around $15AU a month and we get charged per minute for calls over 2 minutes in length. At this stage the call forwarding when the line is busy might be the cheapest option to go with. Cheers DazzleMe
  8. Hi all, I am in the process of testing Axon & Express Talk Softphone to be used with a SPA3102 adaptor and was wondering if there was anyway of receiving multiple incoming PSTN calls. For example, if I am currently on a PSTN call to a customer that has been passed through the SPA3102, is there anyway of recieving another call on the same PSTN line without the customer receiving an engaged tone? This situation works fine if I am using Voip incoming lines as Express Talk simply flashes the line 2 button and you put line 1 on hold. Is there anyway of transferring the 2nd, 3rd or 4th incoming PSTN call to the VOIP line without having to pay for call forwarding charges? I am a little hesitant in changing our current incoming PSTN line phone number to a VOIP number due to customers knowing our number and also just in case we lose power or our ADSL service goes down. I would appreciate any suggestions on how this could be done. Cheers DazzleMe
  9. Thanks Bruno, you fixed my problem also. Cheers
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