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    Port issues

    Hi All! Port problems If someone could tell me: Local Network Which ports to open Where to route each open port Remote Machines (behind firewall) Which ports to open ‘On the local machine. I don’t have access to the network configurations’ I am running Axon, IVM Call Attendant and X-Ten Eyebeam (softphone) I have 6 Extensions…4 Local & 2 Remote Everything on the LOCAL network seems to work ok. My problem is the REMOTE locations. Remote locations cannot make outbound calls Extension to Extension, the Local extension cannot send but can receive the remote cannot hear but can send Here is my setup 1 VOIP account . (VoiceEclipse) Machine 1 (Local Network Dynamic IP Behind Firewall) “Receptionist” Axon IVM X-ten Eyebeam Machine 2 (Local Network) “Support” X-ten Eyebeam Machine 3 (Local Network) “Shipping / Receiving” X-ten Eyebeam Machine 4 (Local Network) “Sales” X-ten Eyebeam …The following REMOTE machines are behind a firewall. I cannot open ports at these offices… Machine 5 (Remote with internet access) “Remote Sales” X-ten Eyebeam Machine 6 (Remote with internet access) “Remote Support” X-ten Eyebeam TIA
  2. Thanks James, Are you aware of any work arounds?
  3. Maybe a better question is, which ports need to be opened? Thanks
  4. Hi All, I'm sure his is a port problem. I cant get others to hear me, I hear them fine. If I turn off Windows firewall, everything is great. These are my firewall settings TCP 5060-5079 UDP 5060-5079 TCP 10000-20000 UDP 10000-20000 UDP 8000-8060 Any Help? TIA
  5. detrie

    Axon with IVM & IMS

    Hello All Well ... 90% there. I unistalled everything. Then I downloaded everything brand new Next, I installed Axon BY ITSELF and configured it Next, I installed ExpressTalk, configured and tested with Axon.. all was well Next, I installed IVM. As soon as it installed, it automatically detected Axon and auto-configured itself for me. All I had to do was modify what was there. Last, I installed IMS. I configured it as a VoIP On-Hold Server. Within the ExpressTalk, I ticked "Link to IMS..." and the value localhost:606 When a call comes it, IVM picks up and plays my OGM "Press 1 for sales, 2 for Support, etc. It rings on the extension and goes to voicemail if not answered. Now my NEW issues I need help with. 1) Is it possible to setup a "Key Response" in IVM to allow a caller to direct dial an extension in reponse to "If you know your partys extention, please press "9" and then the 3 digit extension. 2) Is it possible to have IMS replace the silence during a transfer? I tried changing the "Hold Options while waiting" to Link to IMS On=hold server "localhost:606 on the Groups tab within Axon. All that did was play the IMS message to the caller rather than the ringing you would expect to hear when calling someone. It also did not replace the silence during a transfer. I would appreciate help with either of these questions. TiA EiEiO
  6. <-call comes in and is picked up by auto-attendant > ... I assume a voip line is configured for this in auto attendant and this is on the 198 extension in Axon? <-call is forwarded to appropriate extension using blind transfer> .. Do I need to set up a voip line for each extension in auto attendant? Detrie
  7. detrie

    Axon with IVM & IMS

    I would 'think' this could be done but have yet been able to get it. What I would like to do: Use only softphones (X-Ten Eyebeam) I already own them Use VOiP (2 incoming/outgoing lines) I already own them Configure 6 extensions (100, 200, 219, 250, 300, 400) Have incoming calls Answered.. Play a message.. Allow callers to direct dial an extension or, Receive a prompt (press 1 for Sales, 2 for service... etc.).. Transfer the call to an extension... Play IMS for 10 to 15 seconds while transferring... When the call is not picked up, send to the extension VoiceMail.... When I try to assign a transfer to an extension based on the prompt selection, the line is immediately dropped. When I send to voicemail.. It immediately goes to Voicemail with ZERO delay. I would also like to set up the “ * “ prompt to be able to have users check their voicemail after they enter an extension . I’m not really sure which application should handle which function. I would appreciate any help. Thanks EiEiO
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