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  1. Overall, I wanted to post how happy we are with Express Dictate software and a recently purchased vDictate microphone. The microphone is so clear I can hear the minutest sound. Very impressed with the hardware and software. Having a little trouble with size of files being sent, but other than that, perfect for our Mac office.
  2. I have the same problem with 5.05 (we also use a Mac). We use Comcast cable internet connection, which limits attachments being sent to 10 MG, and anything larger than that I would get an error when trying to send it. I tried several different settings and setting the split to various sizes (including none) and also lowered the quality (which ultimately was inaudible at times). I had no where near the size of file as yours, so this is a problem with anything over 10MGs for us. I ended up limiting the dictation to under 3-4 minutes. This is not the solution, as I work in a law office, and documents can be very long. We just purchased a microphone, which has increased the quality 100%, so I will attempt to lower the quality of the file, hopefully increasing the time that can be dictated and sent, but this still will be limiting. Maybe NCH can suggest some "custom" compression settings? Otherwise, really happy with the software and recently purchased microphone through nch.
  3. You always seem to see all the negatives in the forums, but just wanted to post here that we are really happy with this product for the price. We are Mac/Apple users, and nch has done a great job with updating their software to address previous version issues. I work for one attorney, so it is just he and I using this product, and it's perfect for our needs. We downloaded a few different versions before actually purchasing (waited for them to work out a few bugs with the newer OS X before purchasing the license). We don't have a lot of volume and/or many users, but it's GREAT so far.
  4. It's just one dictator and one transcriber. I was hoping to maybe use the keyboard for dictation, but footpedal and earphones for transcription. I would be interested to see how NCH responds to your request. We have maybe a half dozen dictations during the day, some ranging from a short letter to longer litigation documents that are about 15-20 minutes of dictation. Are all your stations Macs?
  5. Has this been done and what's the most current version compatible with Mac OS 10.5.4?
  6. Thinking about purchasing this product to replace our dinosaur mini cassette and dicataphone equipment (Express Dictate, Express Scribe, Professional Transcription Foot Pedal by VP (USB), Headset Spectra SPPC, Dictation Controller DCVDUSB). Can anyone give me advice as to the negatives? I've read a few forum entries regarding version issues (we use Mac), and I've seen some comments regarding the file types. I'm new to this, so I don't know the lingo. Any advice or comments are appreciated.
  7. I'm looking at converting from our old micro cassette system to a simple computer-assisted program, and it looks like this will really fit the bill. In reading previous forums, it looks like there were compatibility issues with OS X? Any comments out their from mac users? I assume we will have to purchase the application, dictation controller, foot pedal and headset, but not sure. I sill need to download the mac version, but wanted some advice before doing so? Also, what is the technical support like? It appears all the instructions are Windows' based. I will probably have to buy technical support, but what' everyone's experience with email turnaround?
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