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  1. Hi, I'm using Express 5.05 PPC version; I don't know if my issue is mac-specific or not, though. I have set up Express to email my dictation to another person. In the settings, I entered 10 mb as the size limit for emailed files, so I would expect files to be split into 9 or 10 megabyte chunks. However, when I send my dictation, Express continues to split the file into approximately 1.1 megabyte files. I have tried entering other sizes for the limit, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Also, I found a tip in the support area to use an audio Codec to encode files to be smaller size; I can't find where I can choose a codec. Is this feature unavailable for the Mac version? I currently have the program set to encode to WAV format. the file I'm working with is 55 minutes long, and results in a 68 meg file. I'd like a smaller file. I tried changing the quality setting from High to Medium and Low, but all settings resulted in the same 68 meg file size. I also tried encoding to DCT format, but the file size was the same as for WAV format. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Tom
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