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  1. We are running an older version of Delegate currently, 3.0 and are having an issue where clinicians are submitting their dictations. The Transcription supervisor is going in and loading Delegate to pick up the new files daily. She sees in the status window at the bottom that it is receiving files, but then sees some that give a path and it says "can't list" beside them. I sat and watched a specific clinicians directory where her dictations are waiting for pickup, I also watched the Delegate inbox and saw all the files look like the "transfered" properly. The file count in the Inbox went u
  2. I must be a special kind of dense this morning, as I don't see how this relates at all...
  3. Can someone tell me exactly what the purpose of this file is? I see it sometimes on users machines and with the naming I am thinking it shouldn't be there. But just need to make sure. Thanks. Tim
  4. I am having a real problem of late with users submitting their dictations and once the Transcription supervisor passes them out to the transcriptionists with Delegate the audio and text headers are wrong. For example, we will have a file that should be for Bob Jones and it has the audio for Sue Smith. When I start looking into the users in question, I am finding old .dau files still sitting in their CURRENT directory. In some cases I am seeing quite a few files. When I check the SEND directory, I am finding some files that are already there, although the file sizes appear different.
  5. Nevermind, I found the location, had a couple users that were misconfigured and it confused me a bit.
  6. I am working on a few issues with the agency that I work for. One of which is our handling of older files before they are transcribed. I am running across both .dct files and also (.dau and .ddf). I like the fact that with the .dct I can look at the file and it includes our Clinician name/date , etc. The .ddf/.dau combo doesn't really tell me anything when trying to restore files for users. What exactly are the differences and why do I have both?
  7. Nevermind, I found them. I had a setting that I missed on a user that was throwing me off.
  8. Can someone tell me where the files are saved for Express Dictate? I posted this in the ED forum but there doesn't appear to be a lot of answering going on in there. I have issues that I am working on fixing with my network users and I need to find where the original dictations are stored at on the users computers. We have the setting set to 120 days, but I can't seem to find anything as to where they are. Thanks. Tim
  9. What is the location that Express Dictate saves the files that are sent to Delegate? We have our setting in the software set to 120 Days and I can't seem to find the location of where these are saved on the client machines. Please advise. Thanks. Tim Parker Mid Ohio Psychological Services MIS Coordinator
  10. I am new to working with express dictate and e-scribe. My new position with this agency has several licenses/users. I am trying to find a way to gather configuration and settings data without requiring the users to have to gather if for me or making trips to each desk. Is this data stored either in a file or the registry where I can grab it for each individual user for documentation purposes? TIA. Tim Parker
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