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    call transfer

    If you can understand any of that last post, how would i connect the call and stay connected after the blind transfer disconnects? Im not sure I understand the entire process as well as I need to. Any help would be greatly appericiated. THANKS!
  2. I would be glad to send it to you. whats your email? I will send you the ini file they sent me and all I did was replace it with the one the modem set as defualt and restarted the computer. The outbound calls started working. Now if i could only get the call transfer to work
  3. scottsev

    call transfer

    In an effort to make a call transfer I want to <Flash, dial number, Flash and connect>. I can get my system to do all of this exept stay connected. It doesn't seem to actually transfer and connect the phone conversation, I can talk for about 8 seconds depending on how many,,,,,, i have and then the blind transfer hangs up and so does the conversation. Any idea on what i have to do to make this work the way it should. When I use blind transfer, I have the settings: !,,, [number] ,!,,,,,,
  4. scottsev

    Outbound calls

    After emailing synway, they sent me a corrected ini file for making calls with my pbx and north america, which took care of the dial tone. Synway-highly recommended. great support.
  5. I had emailed the very helpful people at synway and they sent me an .ini file for north america. I replaced it with the old file, restarted and it worked great.
  6. scottsev

    Outbound calls

    The dial tone is the north american region dial tone, but I was unable to get any of the monitoring software to work? I downloaded a few programs but they didn't seem to work with the modem. I was somewhat unsure of how to set them up. Any help. Thanks for the replies.- Scott
  7. scottsev

    Outbound calls

    I am using the modem recomended from NCH-> SHT-2B/USB and have the latest drivers installed. I can recieve calls just fine, but any outbound calls I try will not work. The following is the log report: 13:28:02 Making outbound call to XXXX134 on line CAHTA 0 13:28:06 Call attempt failed - cannot get a dialtone on the line 13:28:06 Outbound call XXXX134 not answered 13:28:06 Call disconnected The CAHTA 0 line is set up to allow ougiong and transfer calls. The line is on a regular pstn phone line. Any ideas why I would get this log report? Thanks-Scott
  8. ShCti version) Thats the driver I used. Thanks for the suggestions. It just seems like it should be working, but isn't. Im begining to think the inability to make outbound calls means the transfers don't have a chance. Any other thoughts here?
  9. i too am having the same issue. anyone out there know how we need to do to get this working?
  10. I use vonage for another line, but the pbx I have in place is what is running with the IVM software. It does allow for call transfers. I think you may have been correct about the modem, because i noticed a problem with outbound calls. I am unable to get any of them to work. I bought the modem from the list off of nch's website and it said it would work without any problems. Any other suggestions?
  11. I have 2 issues. Im using a ShcTI modem and simply want to have the IVM system call a specified number once a message arrive in the mailbox. I have tried to enter the number in the <"When a new message arrives, dial"> box and also under the delivery tab to forward to the specific number. Neither of them will dial the number and the log shows it doesn't get a dial tone. Any steps I need to take? I can get a call transfer to dial and have the operator message press 1 to accept, however when I press 1, it doesn't connect the call, but the log says it does and then hangs up. Any suggestions for my problems? Thanks- Scott
  12. This worked, but once I press 1 to accept the transfer, the ivm hangs up? any ideas?
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