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  1. Unfortunately it seems to be so. I recently made a purchase, and also selected the Platinum support. I was charged for 4 of them (~232.00 US), and all of my inquiries have gone unanswered! - I have not got back one response from their support. So anyone else considering NCH's support beware, it doesn't seem to help at all. Now, as for this: Your video (which is a great idea, BTW), doesn't specify your hardware setup. I am using VoIP service through www.affordable-communication-services.com, and using the IVM in conjunction with Axon. When a caller calls in, and presses 3 they are transfered out without incident. If you are using voice cards, it could be a driver issue.
  2. This thing is driving me nuts !!! I have tried everything, at least that I can think of. Now I have Axon, IVM, and IMS all working together, but there is still something not right. Using the soft phone: I can dial Ext. 197, and get the IMS. If I dial Ect. 198, I get default OGM, I press 1 (to leave a message), * (to go back), or 2 (to keep waiting), this option transfer you to Ext. 701 which is a queue, and I am hearing the IMS just as I should. If I dial Ext. 199, I get the same thing as dialing Ext. 198. Using an outside line: Now, if I call in from an external line, the call goes directly into Ext. 701 and I hear IMS as I should, again here no problem. After 30 sec. call is transferred to IVR, caller is asked to either leave a message (press 1), or keep waiting (press 2). On press 1, everything completes as expected, but if press 2, caller is transferred back to Ext. 701, but now no more IMS, and again after 30 sec. process will repeat. Now even though everything is configured to use IMS as a server, when you press 2, you will hear a fraction of a sec. of something other than the IMS, but then goes silent. I'm not sure whether the IMS problem lies in the server part, or in the "On Hold Ext. 197" part. Since Ext. 701 is set to "Link to IMS On-Hold Player", and works when the calls go directly to that Ext., but not when they are transferred back. And NO test call, that I have actually placed on hold, hears anything from IMS except for that fraction of a sec. of sound. So any thoughts, comments, or suggestions???.... Anyone????
  3. I hate to post this because it seems like beating a dead horse, BUT... I am evaluating some of NCH's software to determine if I want to purchase, but this problem is driving me crazy! Summary: Sound disappears on hold... I am demo'ing Axon, IMS, IVM, and Express Talk. First since I haven't been able to get IVM working in the mix yet (different question), we are only talking about Axon, IMS, and Express Talk. I have setup a group, or queue in Axon, and directed incoming calls to that group, and that group is setup to work with IMS. As soon as a call comes in the queue grabs it, and IMS starts playing right away. No Problems thus far! However, once I answer the phone, then put it back on hold, you can hear a second of the IMS, but then goes silent like something is blocking it. This goes the same for the "Basic Hold Chimes". My current VoIP provider plays some kind of music when you place a caller on hold, and I thought that it was just overpowering, or overwriting what was coming from IMS. I called my VoIP provider, and I was told that they could not get rid of the music, so I signed up with one of the "recommended VoIP providers" (Callcentric), only to find a similar problem, only now instead of hearing someone else's music, there is just silence. I contacted Callcentric's support about this because I thought they were doing it on purpose, but the response I got said differently: "Your second question is strange because once a call is connected we do not cut off the audio because you place a call on hold, it may be that your PBX is not configured properly. Double check your configuration, if you continue to have problems then update this ticket." RE-CAP: I get sound from IMS through my speakers, through my headset, and even through Axon PBX when answered in the queue, but nothing when a call is placed on hold. You can hear it start but then get cut off. Once again... Does anyone have any thoughts, or ideas???
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