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how do i save a photo after i crop it?

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Normally you can take a snapshot by having a clip on the timeline, scrolling the red timeline cursor bar to the frame required and then right clicking the sequence preview screen.(The same applies for the clip preview) If you then take the Take Snapshot of Clip option a .png image of the frame is added to the Image clip bin and a copy is saved to the default folder set up in the Options/Disc page.

A quicker method is to simply press F11.

If, as you seem to have done, applied a Crop effect to the clip and followed the same procedure as above, the snapshot obtained and saved to your default image folder, will still be the full frame but with the cropped off area shown as a chequered zone...i.e. just like the frame on the sequence line..........


If you want the frame to hold just the cropped area, then use  the Zoom effect. (Set the restraint to the AR of the original clip otherwise the snapshot (and the clip) will be stretched in one or another direction. )


Then use the procedure as described.The resulting snapshot (.png) will be full frame and placed in the image bin as well as the default folder .

Whereas Zoom will always produce a full frame snapshot (with stretching if the AR is not respected) Crop will always have a chequered surround even if the AR is retained. Snapshots are always the full frame as it is shown on the timeline



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