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Can't animate pan and zoom

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Need to do a long pan and zoom on a jpg still but need non-linear time line (parts of the zoom to be at different speed than others).  

When I add the effect and open the animation window there are no parameters to animate and all the normal animate keys are grey.  

I tried animating other effects on the same image.  No problem.  Just can't do it with pan and zoom. 

This effect is huge to my project so any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Use the Zoom effect instead of Pan and Zoom. 

  • Click FX
  • Select Zoom
  • Move the clip cursor to the start position for the effect
  • Set the restraint on the AR
  • Adjust the rectangle to outline the start shape and position of the zoom.
  • Click keyframe
  • Move preview cursor to new position
  • Move the zoom frame and alter the size if necessary and generate new keyframe.
  • Proceed along the clip in this way

If you just want to just pan across the frame then the rectangle will have to be reduced in size so you have room to move it to the next keyframe position but the size and AR of the rectangle must be  kept the same. This goes for the height for a level pan.

To just zoom then the rectangle size is altered between keyframes. The rectangle is positioned to outline the area of the frame which is of interest between the keyframes.

A combination of these two will give you pan and Zoom

The speed of the zoom (and most motion effects) is related to the distance between the keyframes and consequently the steepness of the graph line. The shorter the distance and the greater the changes in the rectangle the steeper the line will be and the more rapid the effect. The maximum speed obtainable over the whole of the clip therefore depends on the length of the clip. A really slow pan can be made on an image as the duration of the image can be set to vitually any value.

To vary the speed of the effect gradually  once the start and end keyframes are set, simply grab the straight line in the centre (or a suitable point) and drag it up or down. This will change the straight line to a curve. That parameter of the effect will now change at a variable speed depending on the direction in which you drag it and the steepness of the curve produced. You will need to practice a bit with this method using the curve controls above the graph window. Alternatively you can set up multiple keyframes with changes at increasing or decreasing intervals across the clip.


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Hi Nat -

Thank you for your FAST and VERY DETAILED reply.  

I've worked with your suggestion and that combined with changing my high expectations a bit has a zoom that will work for me that I can use. 

Thank you again for your help!

Best wishes -



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