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videopad / fade or blur one section of my video

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i have a video of a ring rotating .  the bottom portion of my ring is reflecting on the surface.

how can i fade that portion of the video only.

i want to have the shadow of the imgae oe the reflection to be faded as the video is running.  i dont need it to fade out.  just033.jpg


if you look at the bottom of this shadow, it is faded and blends in with the background.

how can i do this with my video ?

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One way:  create a polygon mask.  Click the FX icon on the clip, then small green + sign - second from the left in the toolbar.  Draw the mask around the area to be shaded.

Then click the larger far-left green + and choose blur, diffuse, or exposure.  This will affect only the area within the mask. Make adjustments with the slider in the effects window.

It might look similar to this, which blended the reflection a bit more into the background, using the exposure effect.


View this tutorial.  Slightly older VP version is shown but the procedure is the same.


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