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  1. Using videopad 10.60. With my previous version, I was able to force 16:9 ratio in uhd quality. I don't see it anymore. Also before videopad could detect the quality of the video file. Now, if i save something in 720 p I have to remember what the original quality was, so save another copy in high res. Any suggestions to make life easy?
  2. hi thank you both for your help. i guess that method works. but makes my life more difficult. i guess i have to be better at taking the videos and the positioning. i also noticed that if you do this in the "scale" effect, and move around the offset x, you do not get black bars on the side of the video. it preserves the natural background
  3. im not sure what you mean i uploaded a video with no blue lines. what i really want, is for videopad to pan the ring towards the center, instead of it moving left to right.
  4. here is one more video sample https://youtu.be/jjWzcOM3hP8
  5. not sure why its clicking like that. usually its a very smooth video. i saved it at a very low quality, just to upload to youtube for refrence. the actual video is a uhd video
  6. hi thaks for your reply. but my problems is keeping an item centered on the screen from left to right. https://youtu.be/sF5nrmpS6FU this is one of my sample videos i want my item to be between the 2 blue lines all the time, as it is spinning around
  7. hello out there i am making product video that is spinning on a turntable. but as my products is turning, it is not centered, it is moving left to right as it is turning. how can i keep this items centered all the time, as it is turning? appreciate any help. i have basic knowledge of videopad, so a detailed tutorial would be appreciated.
  8. hi i am running intel i5 / 16 gb ram / 2 gb graphic card / win 10 pro / 500 gb solid state hard drive ---------------------------------- i am trying to edit a video that is 15 seconds long. when i put the video on the timeline, and i try to change effect, the program runs very very slow. i try to scale larger, but it takes about 30 seconds before the program even lets me do anothewr function. or if i am trying to change the position (move it) of the video, i move it to another place on the screen, but the program takes 15 to 30 seconds to show me where it moved to. i tried closing all open programs, so no memory is wasted. but same issue. and my pc is also new. not an old machine am i doig anything wrong? what is the problem?
  9. hi i have a video of a ring rotating . the bottom portion of my ring is reflecting on the surface. how can i fade that portion of the video only. i want to have the shadow of the imgae oe the reflection to be faded as the video is running. i dont need it to fade out. just if you look at the bottom of this shadow, it is faded and blends in with the background. how can i do this with my video ?
  10. hi all, i am new here and my first post so excuse me if i do something wrong. i am creating a left and right split screen in my video. but there is a grey line in the middle where the split is done. how can i remove that line. i want to make the two videos sitting side by side seemless with no lines in the between them. these are the steps i took to achieve the split: - i cut the video to size - changed its position to the left - i cut the second video to size - moved its position to the right - placed the 2 videos on the sequence one on top of each other thanks in advance
  11. hi thanks for your help how does lowering the bitrate effect the video quality, if the sole use is for youtube 1080
  12. hello all i have videopad v3.89 using window 7 i recently updated my videopad software to v3.89 before my update, i was able to export a 40 second video, using the setting of "youtube HD-1080p" in wmv format. and the size of this video was approx 16 to 18 mb after my update, if i export the same video using the same settings, the output video is approx 40 mb (way too big) am i doing something wrong? did they change something with the export in the newer version? how can i get the smallest file size, that is able to open on all pc's and on all mobile devices thanks in advance
  13. hi 1st timer here i have the free version of video pad 1- how do i fade in? i know effect let me put an effect at the end of a clip. but how do i place a fade in at the beginning? 2- when i hit the effects tab there are 2 effects that show up by default all the time "opaicity" and "motion". can i make other effects show up by default, instead of picking from drop down menu all the time? 3- can i make video pad perform an action for multiple clips? example: i have 10 picture i want to place on my timeline. i want each clip to last 3 seconds. instead of changing the duration for each one individualy, can i do it as a group? thanks in advance
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