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Motion effect: heavy aliasing/Moiré pattern

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Hello everyone,

I just started using the full version of VideoPad (v4.58). I mainly planned to use the "motion effect" to straight out strongly angled videos manually (where auto stabilization won't work) while zooming in and out at the same time (and changing these parameters permanently in the video, some static rotation/zoom won't do it for me).

The effect seems to work quit fine for me, but the encoded video is of very poor quality, it shows heavy aliasing/Moiré patterns and it seems quite unsharp, too. Rotating/panning the source video in "MediaPlayer classic" (using numpad) produces much better results in real time!

Is there a way to improve the quality of the effect? Any interpolation-settings?

Is there an alternative way to achieve the same thing?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Bye, Pascal

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I zoomed in a little bit, but it was 4K footage so there should be plenty enough resolution (especially for 1080p output). Comparing to Media Player Classic (where you also can do some zooming/rotation while playing) gives way better results (realtime!). There's no excuse for being that bad :). While rendering the video you should be able to produce even better footage.

Perhaps I was a little too fast clicking on the buy button since this is the key feature for me.

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There is a current limitation for VP which will downsize input media before processing. So the 4k video will be downsized to 1080p before zoom in.

We are working on remove this limitation.

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