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aacdec.exe has stopper working error message

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racertim    0

I am batch converting 5000 songs that are in .wav, .m4a, and mp3. I am transferring the mp3, and converting the other formats to mp3, and saving to a new folder. On some of the .m4a files I get an error message "aacdex.exe has stopped working and needs to close". I hit "close", the error message goes away, and the file gets converted. It doesnt get the error message on all of the .m4a files, only some. Any idea what is going on and how I can fix this? It defeats the purpose of batch converting if I have to sit at the computer and watch it for hours while it coverts. Oh, I am running windows 7, 64bit, on a quad processor with 8gigs of ram.



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Chris75    0

Hello, the aacdec.exe is a codec that is related strictly to some files, since you confirmed this only happens to some of the .m4a files it could be an issue related to those files (the ones giving issues). My best advice would be to try to determine if there is anything similar on the files you have issues with, for example if they all are from the same Artist, album, or if it was compressed the same date, anything that may link those files together. If the issue does not happen across all the .m4a files then is not an issue with the program but probably with the files. For better assistance on this matter you may want to submit a support ticket with NCH software support team.

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