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  1. Thanks for the advice, Nationalsolo. You're a superstar, and have set me back on track.
  2. Hi all, I've just started a new project and have added a few transitions between video tracks one and two. The transitions are not appearing in the preview. As a test, I exported the project to the video file format I'll be using, which shows the transitions as expected, but I'd like to be able fine tune them in the project before exporting. I know it usually takes a moment to generate the transition preview, but I can't see that anything else is waiting to 'render,' and the rest of the preview is displaying correctly. Could I have changed a setting somewhere that is preventing the transitions from appearing in my sequence preview?
  3. Thanks NationalSolo. I should have explored a bit more before diving into major projects!
  4. I've been working on a similar project to Indiana Dave. Why am I suddenly having trouble cutting single video tracks at a time when they overlap like in the example image? Every time I try, I end up cutting at the same point in track one and two. I am sure there is a simple step I have missed here.
  5. Thanks for your help too, Nat. I have only recently started using VideoPad, so wouldn't have thought I was using a dramatically updated version now, but I do note I have only noticed the change since changing to a different computer and re-downloading the software, so it could well be the case. The Alt key fix serves my purposes at any rate.
  6. Thanks Borate! So simple. Do you know know why I was able to position the clips manually without needing to hold the 'Alt' key for previous projects? Is there a setting that can be used to make this the default placement method?
  7. Hi all, I've had a search through the forums and couldn't find the problem I am facing. It is a difficult one to describe, so it could be that I have just missed it. I've just started work on my second production using VideoPad. My first went very smoohtly. Now I have started my second, and I am working with a series of long video files that I am now splitting to arrange into two video tracks. The problem is that when I move the clips around the tracks, the software seems to automatically move the ends of each clip to each other to remove blank space. This wasn't happening in the last file I worked on - I was able to move clips leaving blank space without any problems. When I opened the previous file and used 'Save As' to create a new file, I am able to work the same way, leaving empty space in the timeline too, as I was in the previous file. Is there a setting somewhere that I have changed during the first file to stop this from happening? Thanks for your help!
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