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  1. Nat, your Method 2 worked beautifully and I understand it, so I'm not spending time right now on alternatives. Just alerting you that the Method 1 instructions (as far as they went) were good but didn't do what Method 2 instructions did: give me something I could name. Also, I'm not re-using "title slides" in multiple projects; all my work is specific to one project. I'd just like to combine the work I did yesterday with what I'd done a couple of days earlier on the same project. I only have two files because I didn't know what I was doing..... ;-) Ugh. Any general guidance about formats and quality on export? I know there are pre-sets and I'll certainly choose high quality when it's obvious which settings work that way. Since I know little, I worry. Perhaps there's no more to say.... But if there's always some loss with exporting, then I'll go back to the original file and re-create my five new sequences yet again rather than bringing my older work into this new file. Thanks very very much, whether or not there's more to say, Jeanne
  2. That was interesting, but I still didn't have a video clip bin or a separate video clip I could give a new name to. Oh, this looks promising Well, actually, that was the second time through :-( so I had notes about exact in and out points. :-) It didn't take long. And I thank you profusely, Nat. This looks like it will be much easier to work with. But (a small "but"): I did do other kinds of work that I'd be very interested in transferring between files. For ex., I had a series of "title slides" (text inserts with credits) with music fading in under them. Can I transfer from one VideoPad file to another without losing quality? Or do I "export video"? Anything special to know about maximizing quality in that case? Many thanks, Jeanne
  3. I've extracted five small clips from a very big video file and deleted the stuff I don't need. I have nothing in my video clip bin. I would like to handle these separately, and I'd dearly love to give them names as I move them around and make changes. Did I do something wrong in setting this up? Can I make these look more like they were originally five separate clips/files?
  4. valuenyc

    Making DVDs?

    RajinCajun, Sorry, I've been away. But, for the record, the ability to make to the DVD lasted only a day and then I got the message to buy. (Still unnec. confusing.) I almost certainly will buy. My project hasn't *yet* gotten big enough to bog things down however. That's the remaining test this week. Hope you get done what you need to get done, Jeanne
  5. Wow! I'd only gotten to superimposed segments on two video tracks yesterday and it didn't occur to me that I could use them this way. I was happy with subtitles because iMovie was hopelessly inadequate. This subtitling is not so much finicky as cumbersome, however, and your idea is much easier and more efficient. WYSIWYG *and* copy/paste. Thank you so much, Nat. And thanks for the other advice as well. Jeanne
  6. What I'm really looking for here is advice. The context is that my goal is a DVD with three tracks. Two already exist in standard, 4:3 size. My current activity in VideoPad is the third track for this DVD. Windows and VideoPad say the source file (from a DVD) is 720 x 378 (or 40:21) but QuickTime calls it 640 x 378. When I make a DVD, it looks better in standard. All of the interest is in the center of the screen; the edges don't matter. I also don't know who will view this on a consumer DVD player and who will view it on computer. So I'd like to set it all up to be as universal as possible. The existing two have a little text at the beginning of each. But the current 10-min., 5-chapter VideoPad project will have four "title slides" (max. 60-70 char. but mostly much less) and a dozen or so subtitles in each of four chapters. And that's where the trouble starts. When I produce standard size, all the title slides need to be made smaller, but they look great in widescreen. But in *BOTH* sizes, my subtitles are cut off at the bottom. I fiddled with picture size on my widescreen TV but didn't improve upon the TV's native intelligence. All my subtitles are set at 5% size and I see that I can adjust the vertical margin. Setting it at 5 looks good on my computer screen. But I haven't gone and produced another two DVDs to check that out. Sooooooo ... I'm trying to simplify my life here. Given no idea how/where a DVD will be played (and little taste for re-working old files): 1. I'm guessing that producing 4:3 is safest. Yes? 2. What size type would you use for title slides? 3. What size should subtitles be and what would be your ideal bottom margin? 4. Or, am I worrying to much? Will the lettering and margin in a 4:3 video look about the same size (in proportion) on any kind of machine? 5. And as long as I'm at it, my subtitles are readable but look quite blurry. Any advice about sharpening them? The underlying video is not super-sharp. The title slides (larger font) look better. (The original camera files (AVI) look blurrier than file ripped from the DVD, which baffles me.) Apologies for such a long post and sincerest thanks, Jeanne
  7. valuenyc

    Making DVDs?

    In case RajinCajun is still listening: I was a tad confused when I first exported and accidentally exported an AVI file to a data disk. The reason is that when you first go to the video output setup, COMPUTER DATA is chosen in the top row. When you click to DISC, there are four more tabs below the first row and DVD DATA is selected. When I clicked to DVD MOVIE, that's when I was able to make a real DVD-player DVD. Hope that helps, Jeanne
  8. valuenyc

    Making DVDs?

    Well, this is confusing. I downloaded yesterday and I just burned a DVD. Is this capability temporary? You are correct, Borat, this is unnec. confusing. I didn't even go looking for a free product necessarily. In any case, will the master's ed. make a menu? If not, can you recommend a fairly easy-to-learn/use product? I don't think I need great sophistication in that department (famous last words). Thanks, Jeanne Update: Found Express Burn. Always forget that google can be better than a forum's own search capability. Of course any opinions about menu-making are of interest.
  9. Thank you soooooo much. I would never have found "position" as an effect. I even have them fading in and out separately. Very cool. And thanks for the info about italic size. After many years of working with type, I didn't know that. It didn't actually matter in this instance, but I'm sure it will be good to know. Jeanne
  10. Thanks so much. I knew it was something like that and I *am* now closer. After some struggle, I got it working. Kind of. But (1) I don't have much control over vertical placement and (2) for some reason two clips of the same duration stacked on top of each other are not displaying for the same length of time. But the worst is that when the text runs on to a second line, the second line takes a haircut; the tops of the letters are cut off. I tried different type sizes but it goes from bad to worse. So, any comments are welcome because I'd certainly like to know if I can do more than I think I can. But, in this case, it looks like I'll be best off displaying the author first followed by the title of the work. But, very seriously, thank you very much for such a quick and helpful reply. Jeanne
  11. Is there some little trick that will let me insert three words with one of them in italic. This is a title slide, not subtitles though that would be nice too. Thanks, Jeanne VideoPad 3.74, Windows 8.1
  12. I've just installed Classic FTP on a MacBook running OS X 10.4.11, and I'm ready to ask for a refund. I've never seen a newly installed program fail like this within minutes. Can anyone make any suggestions about these problems: No help file. I just get a completely blank window. I could enter 2 of 4 top-level directories. I can open all with an ancient copy of PowerDesk under XP. There is no permissions issue. My htdocs directory is represented more often than not with an extra character. I assume that's why I couldn't open it. It was htdocsA, then htdocsL and htdocsI. I tried multiple re-starts. Then suddenly its name was right and I could get into it. Then for no reason, the name changed again and I couldn't get in. Clicking REFRESH can sometimes help, but it might also just change the extra character. And one directory has never let me in. Could the name ".nsSpace" be giving the program a problem? I can't change that name; it's a system folder. I uploaded a file but I can't delete it (just a test). I tried uploading to the root directory and Classic FTP says it was done. But I can't see it here or on my other machine. It was not uploaded. In a fairly big directory, a dozen names are blank (both files and directories). There's a type and a size but no name. I just wanted something light weight for traveling, but this is business-related and, if my experience is any guide, Classic FTP is just not ready for prime time.
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