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  1. Borate, Really invaluable, as usual. Thanks so much, Jeanne
  2. My main problem is that I have very minimal experience with adjusting color in photos or anywhere else. So as I work with visual effects in VideoPad, I'm keeping notes diligently. My problem is with those effects where I cannot write down a number; the Color Curves effect is only represented by a curve. I've just nudged the blue curve a tiny bit, and it's just perfect. I saved as a template for sure. But I'd like to understand what I'm looking: (1) Is there some numeric quantity that my curve represents? some math expression? How does one describe this in words? (Image1 here: https:
  3. EDIT: I'll leave this here for the next poor soul. But it looks very much like this lavalier mic came with a defective extension cord. I cannot test it in my project at this moment, but prelim. troubleshooting suggest this. Notable that when I paid more attention, I realized that the extension cord did not fit into the phone as tightly as the mic itself. When I can test more fully, I'll report back on my theory. But I'm pretty confident at this point. Now to figure out whether the the fully functional lavalier itself does a good enough job in my context. =============================
  4. Borate, thanks for responding so very quickly. If I'd had to try to sleep without your hotlink, it would have been awful. Nat, apologies that I was soooooo stressed last night that the minute Borate gave me the link to downgrade, I went right to it and, while I was at it, cleaned up a bunch of shareable links that I'd had lying around for no good reason. Kinda compulsive. In case there is some small misunderstanding (moot by now), you wouldn't see the green bars in the *.vpj file, only in the exported video. I have a dim recollection that I did see the white line you mention. If so,
  5. Again a million thanks to both of you, Borate & Nat. Nat: Correct, the green bars are NOT in the source files I've linked to the VideoPad project, only on the exported *.mp4. This is the exported video, upload-share.mp4, with the first green bar at about 1:45: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyar3weofr6hre5/upload-share.mp4?dl=0 You'll see no green bars in the project file (upload-share.vpj). Here is the portable project file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ikkelknlpwvv4i/AAAVr5hiYZEwedkPVD8Rfz7Ia?dl=0. The clicks ARE in the source files. You'll find them in many of the most slender cli
  6. Gosh, I hope someone can help me again. I've barely done anything else for four days and now I have an awful problem. I'm rendering an MP4 video, and intermittently, a bright green bar is showing up on the right side of the window. I believe that they correspond to places where I made a very very very tiny split. I had to do it to boost the volume and, even more, to mute an annoying click. Please tell me there is a way to get rid of this. I will be studying it very carefully while watching this space every minute. Jeanne EDIT: I might add that I've had other very sma
  7. Apologies for not saying thank you sooner. I haven't been able to come up for air and I'm still not out of the woods. I came back to post a different question. But really, thank you so much. This is so robust, I'll have to print it out and study it. Jeanne
  8. Borate (and Nat too), I was having difficulty with accidentally leaving some fragment when I had to excise a fragment. (Such anomalies!) So I have been enlarging and correcting those. Any special trick? Or should I just max the magnification as much as possible as I am now doing? (I needed to split a few clips just to mute an annoying click in the audio. Unpleasant surprise.) I've been choosing FADE IN from the list of video effects, and I see that you used FADE THROUGH BLACK instead. So here comes the dumb question: Can you explain the difference? And why the different behavior? Be
  9. Ah. I wondered whether I should add a track, but I just inserted on the one timeline.
  10. Well thanks very much. The folder is here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/phdl5fjjxsidkt5/AAA-_bnAa3929p6t0yzYWZQIa?dl=0
  11. Watch the three fades at the beginning of the sequence: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zq2b11pj9p9fmef/disappearing.avi?dl=0 Thanks for your interest.
  12. Duh... you know, if you ask the wrong question, you'll never get your problem solved. And in this instance, I just didn't change paradigms. What I realized late last night was that I needed to delete what I was unhappy with, go back to the original clip, isolate the correct segment, and then "add on sequence." Dumb as I feel, I hope this helps some other newbie. Someday. Thanks for trying to help that newbie.
  13. The only problem with CONTROL+Z is that when one is focused at the end of the clip. one won't nec. notice that effects applied considerably earlier have disappeared. It is not immediately obvious. No bell is rung. But I do thank you for helping me understand better.
  14. Yup. Upgraded. Put in a few fades. Tried to split the last clip and all my fades disappeared. Ver. 8.55. I captured my maneuvers but I'm embarrassed to say I don't see how to upload the *.avi file. I've done this in other forums, but I'm not seeing it here. Anyway, the *.avi shows a few fades at the start of the sequence, and when I split the last clip, they disappear. Then when I do CONTROL+Z, the fades come back.
  15. Thanks so much, Borate. You have been a true friend today. But let me be sure I understand: 1) What do you call the and ? I've noticed that my video effects dialog is not always the same and I haven't managed to figure out what I did differently to be presented with a different dialog. There are two different functions? 2) Do I understand correctly that I cannot do a fade in and fade out on a one clip using the same function? 3) If upgrading to a new VideoPad will prevent my other effects from disappearing (as you so kindly addressed elsewhere), then I think I can g
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