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  1. clemenzina

    Video playback speed.

    I think that might be too fast, meaning that you could miss "events". The free VLC media player allows you to play "faster", depending how many times you click the "faster" button. I don't have much success with this on my long screen captures, but you could try it.
  2. clemenzina

    where can I find the link

  3. clemenzina

    Please clarify difference between Professional and Home licenses

    I have found that you have to buy Professional in order to have a working version of Debut.
  4. clemenzina

    Debut Video Capture (archived version)

    Version 3.07 is available @ FilePuma (who are quite reliable, in my experience). http://www.filepuma.com/download/debut_video_capture_software_3.07-13456/ There may be more and there is probably an official archive but that's my quiick solution
  5. clemenzina

    IP camera recording

    I don't think that's true. If you fill in the support form you'll see a drop-down to select your purchase status: "Have you purchased" = "No - Not Yet but Willing To" You may not go to the front of the queue but I'm pretty confident you'll get a response. BTW, I do know someone who successfully records a cam in her garden with Debut.
  6. clemenzina

    recording issue

    I don't have anything to do with recording stuff I'm doing on the desktop, only wildlife webcams. There's your easiest solution, IMHO - there would be no objection from Debut, and presumably the other PC owner would have the editing software required.
  7. clemenzina

    recording issue

    I don't understand "saving to". I use "Record as", and have just recorded the same wildlife webcam, which is displaying on my desktop, in both avi and mov and the files play absolutely fine. . . I am no expert but I do a lot of screen-capturing and have found that mp4 is the best "bang for buck" - avi recordings tend to be less easy to edit and I don't see much, if any, quality difference - and do mov files require QuickTime? Can't remember, but I can do without that cluttering me up -
  8. clemenzina

    Free version is really trialware ....

    Therefore, as deduced by many of us, there is no free version for personal use - just a very short-lived trial version.
  9. clemenzina

    How to record in game audio?

    I get in a muddle with audio. This is my current setup where I'm recording speakers but not microphone, it never records "room" sounds, even tho microphone is ticked - I seemed to have to tick it in order to fetch up the stereo mix option in the Debut dropdown. You need Stereo Mix set as your default recording device in your PC's audio settings. http://i.imgur.com/ES1aI63.jpg Sorry if that doesn't help, maybe someone more techie will chip in
  10. clemenzina

    Trial ended V-quickly

    I think it's the software. I've never been able to use the supposedly "free for personal use" version for any length of time.
  11. clemenzina

    Not recording sound

    I can't help because I never record from DVR, but Debut Support will respond to your problem, even if you haven't paid for support - it just takes a little longer but only a couple of days, in my experience. The link to Debut Support is in the intro to this forum.
  12. clemenzina

    Can Video be Recovered after power outage?

    Sadly, I have never been able to recover any recording that wasn't properly "finished off" by Debut. It's a problem I've Googled several times but never found a solution. I can't remember if I've ever written to Debut Support about it.
  13. clemenzina

    Diference on Free, Home and Professional editions

    SORRY! I had to give up on it because it's not fully featured. I can't even be helpful and tell you exactly why it wasn't any good, as all my time and hardware are committed to pushing out recordings, so I just went back to a version I'd paid for.
  14. clemenzina

    Tray Only icon.

    I've just slightly amended my Debut settings to Minimise to Tray, and have unpinned the icon from the taskbar. Using hotkeys to stop/restart, the Debut GUI still pops up. I've never found Pause in Debut - maybe because I haven't looked hard enough but I can't stop it recording for a good look now.
  15. clemenzina

    Diference on Free, Home and Professional editions

    Received, thank you Josh - trial of free version started yesterday. Oops, forgot to say - but we still don't have a Debut webpage that offers the free version up front.