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  1. The above procedure made on an project without unloading / reloading it .
  2. 7.xx versions up to now (7.30) have the followig behaviour: 1) I load some project and try to make my first export . Export -> Video File -> Preset: Custom File Format -> Pencil symbol -> H265 / "High Quality / Larger Filesize" / Audio: 192 kbps => OK => Create 2) Now lets make another encoding ... Export -> Video File -> ... We notice that Preset display 'Custom" , but VP didn't saved previous settings (H264 / Default Quality ). Now if I drop down 'Custom' and choose 'Custom' again (!) . My favourite settings will now be restored (H265 / "High Quality / Larger Filesize" / Audio: 192 kbps) Maybe this is the reason for many people who can't make expected exports .
  3. There is no answer so long . So Videopad will fix or brake this feature ? (!)
  4. The original DV file is avi 5.5GB (lets say A.avi) . I isolate a small portion of 5 secs using AviDemux (lets say B.avi) . B.avi is interlaced again . For some peculiar reason 6.21 succeeded to export deinterlaced both A.avi and B.avi , Using 7.24 export file A.avi is interlaced but B.avi is OK deinterlaced . The problem is I can't sent A.avi . The small sample B.avi is succsesfully exported using 7.24 .
  5. 7.24 does not yet solves the DV tapes deinterlacing issue reported @ 7.11 Video w 6.31 http://prntscr.com/oiq5xm Video w 7.24 http://prntscr.com/oiq6nz Using 7.24 video preview is OK (deinterlaced) but when exporting it , it still has interlace . I reported once more today. So I stick to 6.31 for one more reason . Regards Mike
  6. 1) Before inserting the clip into timeline , rotate it 180 degrees . 2) Insert this clip into timeline . Preview looks OK . 3) Split the clip . 4) The B part of the clip is not rotated but the 180 deg. rotation effect is enabled on this clip . So I go back to 6.31 ... again ...
  7. I do something more time saving: 1) Before starting editing , I start stabilizing all videos with a stand alone stabilizer (i prefer ffmpeg) . Stabilized files get a new name / folder. I prefer ffmpeg than the build in deshaker . I prefer ffmpeg even over Mercalli 4 . FFmpeg have less borders and better results from both of them (Deshaker 2.4 / Mercalli 4) . 2) At the same time or later or next day or whenever I want I start editing the whole project . 3) If I chose to replace some sections with stabilized ones , I isolate them in a separate clip , and I chose 'Replace Clip File' and I replace them whith the stabilized ones. If the stabilized files are not ready yet I save the project and continue replacing files later or tomorrow ... 4) (Optionally) FFmpeg batch files writen like a watchfolder so they can be run in a separate machine in my LAN , so I got 0% CPU consumption in my PC during stabilization when they run from another PC . So I never wait for stabilization .
  8. @Alex J Are you sure that you manage to use vdf plugins ?. As I reported I can't use vdf plugins from all 6.xx - 7.xx versions Which version do you use ? Concerning Noise Reduction , I assume that is was removed due to very very low proccess time . I downgraded 6.31 only to test it but it was terribly slow. Ragards Mike .
  9. Even if I try to test your recomended vdf plugins from: https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/free-plugins.html Let's say MSU Old Cinema 2.0 The plugin dialog opens but finally there is no effect on my video: http://prntscr.com/oeyqt2 TIA Mike
  10. Using MediaInfo I found that "Default Quality" is CRF=28 and "High Quality" is CRF=24 . However x265 version is 1.8 and this is extremely old (10.08.2016) , currnent is 3.1 (18.06.2019) .
  11. Concernig the bug report I already did this . Regarding 265 , when choosing .AVI there is not h265 option . After intalling x265vfw_x86_v300_x265b169_8bit_20190226.exe I could choose it . However the question is how to disable the limitation of a wrong size estimation .
  12. mp4 works good . I try to make .avi in order to use the external vfw265 codec (internal h265 does not have so many options) I use 6.32 (the latest 6.xx version) . All 7.xx versions does not deinterlace OK my DV files (as I previously reported)
  13. Export to AVI estimates wrong file size and cannot disable file size limitation . 40 minutes avi as H264 or H265 makes about 500-600MB video . However when switch to avi and put all appropriate settings VP estimates 40GB output and does not allow to proceed . http://prntscr.com/o3jrqi http://prntscr.com/o3jruy
  14. Up to version 6.32 , my old files captured from my previous DV camera managed preety well (without having to apply any deinterlace filter) . Version 7.10 can't handle deinterlacing out-of-the-box so good . See some samples: https://imgur.com/a/5iHyyiE Regards Mike -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DV File format: FILE_NAME Capture_042.avi FILE_NAME_WITH_PATH O:\_DV_Videos_\Capture_042.avi FILE_SIZE 2,347,181,686 CONT_AUDIO_STREAM_COUNT 1 CONT_BASETYPE AVI(.AVI) CONT_BYTES_MISSING 0 CONT_INTERLEAVE_ALIGN CONT_INTERLEAVE_PRELOAD CONT_INTERLEAVE_TIME CONT_SUBTYPE Multipart OpenDML AVI (3 parts), CONT_TOTAL_BITRATE 0 VIDEO_ASPECT_TYPE_PAL PAL VIDEO_BITRATE 28803 VIDEO_CODEC_NAME DVC/DV Video VIDEO_CODEC_STATUS Codec(s) are Installed VIDEO_CODEC_TYPE dvsd VIDEO_DAR 1.778 VIDEO_DURATION 10:29.480 VIDEO_FIELDS_PER_SEC 50.000 VIDEO_FRAME_COUNT 15737 VIDEO_FRAMES_PER_SEC 25.000 VIDEO_PAR 1.422 VIDEO_PICS_PER_SEC 25.000 VIDEO_QF 2.778 VIDEO_SAR 1.250 VIDEO_SIZE_X 720 VIDEO_SIZE_Y 576 AUDIO_BITRATE 1024 AUDIO_BITRATE_TYPE AUDIO_CHANNEL_COUNT 2 AUDIO_CODEC PCM Audio AUDIO_CODEC_STATUS No Codec Required AUDIO_MPEG_STREAM_ID AUDIO_MPEG_SUBSTREAM_ID AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE 32000
  15. Hello , When I try to encode h265 , "Default Quality" and "High Quality" templates works preety well all times . So what is the equivelant "Quality (Rate facrtor)" and "Encoding Speed" you use for them ? Is it so ? (are you are using a constant quality procedure ?) Or there is something else ? Regards Mike
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