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  1. Microsoft abandoned the flexibility of the CMD command processor about 20 years ago with the advent of 4nt. However, another company took over the concept that made the product much better. It has gone through several buyouts and now is handled by: https://jpsoft.com/ with TCC.exe. Some people may remember it as 4NT or 4DOS from years ago. They sell a registered version for development ($100) and have it as an installed free run time use for all the other computers. Well worth the trouble if you're software engineer. Here is a batch line that starts a VideoPad project in a
  2. SUCCESS! Apparently that was the problem being out of the country. I tried it again today the exact same card and it worked fine. I hope this thread helps other people that they wish to purchase the same thing and realize that that's out of the country could be a little bit more complicated
  3. I'll try again that's a good point being out of the country. I usually use PayPal but that particular post as I have a PayPal button. My preference is to use PayPal. I will try again and then call the bank if it is declined. Thanks for your help.
  4. How do I get the platinum support to work when I can get any my cards to work and I know they're all good good? And there's no PayPal but like it says there is. HELP! HELP!
  5. I will say I just tried to purchase the platinum support with both the visa and a MasterCard and the cards were denied. I know the cards and for good. Also the site says you can try with PayPal but PayPal but is not there. Maybe you have someone check this out
  6. Okay since I have an outstanding question for can I go ahead and get the platinum support and that particular issue would be handled faster? What I really want in the end would be a version that truly waits for the export to complete before it exits rather than just abort the exit. I have to go through gyrations just to see if that file was completely written to completion before I kill VideoPad.
  7. I just want to point out that I just tried in the last few days the new version 8.84 and it goes back to using the default filename from the project name . Thank you NCH. So I went ahead and renewed my licenses to the monthly subscription. Where can I find more information about the "platinum support"? Like how much it costs and what it provides etc. etc.
  8. I just started from scratch and the problem went away so it must've been a fluke in my install. Everything seems be working fine now.
  9. Okay officially I have rerun the program without the Matrox card in the computer and it just crashed with the Visual Studio error. I don't know how to include a PNG file but I have a copy of the error. I also have the 4 files I was trying to image stabilized that it crashed with all versions including 8.84. I know how to submit a bug with an upload but I don't know how to submit a bug with 4 uploads. Maybe you guys can help me -0-0- I just wanted to say with the other computer workstation having the same hardware I just image stabilized 36 files in one project taking 31 hours of
  10. I believe I figured out the problem. There is one additional difference between the 2 computers which I'm now testing but will take 4 more hours. The computer that's been failing after 4 image stabilization's has a card in it that I'm not using right now but may be causing some problems to VideoPad. It is an "Matrox VIO" analog capture card. It is a professional image capture card using analog which is what I use for all analog conversions. It has a VGA port on it that I am not using. They use these cards to do analog image capture up to 1280x1080 analog. These are use in medical imagin
  11. I don't think you guys understand my problem. It's not a stabilization problem it's a computer problem possibly a memory leak. I have 4 files that I want to stabilize, I load the 4 files into one computer and save the project on that computer. I start the stabilization on all 4 files and on the 4th file the VideoPad crashes. In the temporary directory of VideoPad are 3 completed image stabilize files. Since it crashed on the 4th stabilization I do not have that file. I then take the exact same project with the exact same files to a different computer with the exact same hardware and it w
  12. You guys think I should download the beta version and it would give me debug information that would help you guys figure out what the problem is? I know this particular computer crashes sometimes based on the plug-in image stabilization and sometimes based on the Visual Studio error. If at the plug-in crash program does not crash it just says your plug-in did. When I get the Visual Studio crash it actually says do you want to send a bug report but I have no problem download the debug version and giving you the log file again may we can figure something out.
  13. These are using the same software with the exception of new licenses with your software. All drivers are up-to-date. I will be more than happy to use the debug version to help figure out what the problem is. I have not tried version 8.84 on the unit that works all the time. However it worked fine with 8.55. That particular unit has crashed with the plug-in error after 3 times. However, this particular version with the project file bombs on the 4th time to a Visual Studio error. Then when I rerun VideoPad it said did it crash? It seems like the Visual Studio crash the software treated d
  14. I thought this was a number of processor processes with image stabilization but now I realize it is not. I'm having a problem on one of my fast computers with the image stabilization process of VideoPad version 8.84 crashing after about 4 video files. I have exactly 2 computer workstations with the same configuration here it is: They both have a PCI based SSD that produce about 1.3 GB/s transfer rate, 32 GB of RAM, 3.5 GHz XEON, and 512 GB C Drive SSD SATA.. The only exception is one of them has 1 TB SSD and the other one is only 512 GB. I am migrating to the 1 TB PCI SSD size. So I
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