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  1. "Chris75" so you have tried a 16-bit TIF file which would produce about 100 MB file and do anything to it rotate it or reverse it and it would output a file of approximate the same size? When I do that exact same feature it takes my 100 megabytes file and crunches it down to a 20 MB file of only total 24 bits 8 bits per color but TIF format. The 256 bit option is not checked.
  2. I'm frustrated because the 100 MB file I mentioned above has 48 bits of color 16 each for RGB. Once I mirror the TIF file, it is 1/5 the size and the color depth is only 24 bits which would be 8 bits for each RGB. I did see the 256 option and did not check it because I read about it and that would just defeat everything.
  3. I have all 100 MB 16-bit TIF file that I want to reverse mirror and produce a 16-bit output TIF file and it seems like it only downsize it to 8 bits and converted to a 23 MB 8-bit TIF file. The filter and the structure of the folder works great but it seemed like it only outputs an 8 bit TIF file not as 16-bit TIF file. Is this true?
  4. "borate" can you get someone in your support people to respond to my question in "pixillion" thread about a question about 16-bit TIF files. I can't get an answer if it can convert 16-bit TIF files are not working because all my outputs are a 8-bit TIF and nobody seems to be responding. -0-0- I'm sticking to 8.97 for now
  5. I have tried the beta version 10.17 by dropping the entire DVD which includes 5 VOB files in the video. For some reason doing two of the files have no audio. So I started backing up on the versions until 8.97 works fine. So until this problem is solved. I will stick with 8.97. As a software guy I know that we fix things and break other things not realize it.
  6. I am using video and 10.16 to read a DVD movie disc. It contains five .VOB files. Two of the 5 files have no audio. So I decided figure out what version caused the problem. The last version that works perfectly is 8.97. So I have decided to switch back to that version until this problem can be fixed. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  7. I have not heard from anybody I'm trying to filter 16-bit TIF files is that possible? It seems that it downsize that the 8 bits which is not acceptable is this a limit?
  8. I am using "Pixillion" version 8.09 to convert a 16-bit TIF file of 48 bits per pixel to reverse the image. The scanner requires the emulsion side of the image to be reversed to produce Optima and results. In using this program as the last step 2 reverse all pictures in a folder it downsizings the that TIF files to 8 bits. This is fine with JPEG but not 16 bit TIF files. Is there a solution?
  9. Microsoft abandoned the flexibility of the CMD command processor about 20 years ago with the advent of 4nt. However, another company took over the concept that made the product much better. It has gone through several buyouts and now is handled by: https://jpsoft.com/ with TCC.exe. Some people may remember it as 4NT or 4DOS from years ago. They sell a registered version for development ($100) and have it as an installed free run time use for all the other computers. Well worth the trouble if you're software engineer. Here is a batch line that starts a VideoPad project in a
  10. SUCCESS! Apparently that was the problem being out of the country. I tried it again today the exact same card and it worked fine. I hope this thread helps other people that they wish to purchase the same thing and realize that that's out of the country could be a little bit more complicated
  11. I'll try again that's a good point being out of the country. I usually use PayPal but that particular post as I have a PayPal button. My preference is to use PayPal. I will try again and then call the bank if it is declined. Thanks for your help.
  12. How do I get the platinum support to work when I can get any my cards to work and I know they're all good good? And there's no PayPal but like it says there is. HELP! HELP!
  13. I will say I just tried to purchase the platinum support with both the visa and a MasterCard and the cards were denied. I know the cards and for good. Also the site says you can try with PayPal but PayPal but is not there. Maybe you have someone check this out
  14. Okay since I have an outstanding question for can I go ahead and get the platinum support and that particular issue would be handled faster? What I really want in the end would be a version that truly waits for the export to complete before it exits rather than just abort the exit. I have to go through gyrations just to see if that file was completely written to completion before I kill VideoPad.
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