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Using Prism to Convert .avi to .flv

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I am having problems using Prism to convert .avi files to .flv files to play on my Applian FLV player. I am using Windows XP SP3 and I have Windows Media Player 10, plus a VLC media player and an Applian player amongst other things loaded on my notebook.


The file seems to convert and carries an .flv extension, but the video will not play on my Applian FLV player. One image shows on the player screen throughout while the play progress indicator runs from start to completion, with a message appearing toward the end saying "flushing... ".


I think in my inexperience on the first occasion I tried using the Prism converter I may have let it use a default codec in the conversion, rather than seek out a required additional codec. I had a very cluttered desktop screen at time using the converted just as I doewnloaded it, and when I came to clean my desktop after using the converter i found a hidden window asking to go off and download another codec. As I cancelled out of this I got a message it had used a default - which I think was jpeg or something similar, if I saw correctly in the moment or two the message appeared on screen.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled Prism, but still have the same problem, Prism appears to convert .avi files to .flv files, but the video component will not play on my Applian FLV player. I have tried different bit rates for the encoding process but these make no difference.


The converted files will play on my VLC Media Player, but the VLC Media Play will play almost any video type file and for all I know it is playing a mpg or similar default file.


I have also converted the .avi files to .flv files using another / different converter and those converted .flv files will play on my Applian FLV player without any difficulty.


What action can I now take please to ensure the converter is using the right codecs for the conversion and not an inappropriate default?


Thanks for your help.

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