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I downloaded Express Scribe about a year ago. At that time, I downloaded a few files from the Internet with absolutely no problem. Transcription went smoothly with my footpedal. Now, I'm trying to use it again and I can't get Express Scribe to find the file on my hard drive in order to load it. I put it in "My Documents", which is what I did last time. I have read and re-read the entire manual and no where can I find STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS of how to download a file from the Internet, save to hard drive, and load into Express Scribe for transcription. It may be assumed that everyone already knows how to do this. Can someone PLEASE give me these steps, in their proper order (with all keystrokes and click-ons, etc), as I'm really frustrated and confused because it worked so beautifully for me before with I guess just sheer blind luck. If you can help me, please list each step to be taken, no matter how simple it is so I will know that I'm doing it exactly right. Transcription is my profession, but I'm really a novice at "rooting around" on the computer. Any help will be appreciated.

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