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IMS downloading MOH file from server


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We are producer for IMS using IProducer2, and can successfully upload either full installer or .MOH file to our server.


Currently the file goes up to ftp.ourdomain.com/httpdocs/clients/ims



For security reasons we aren't allowed to setup anonymous FTP. Consequently the IMS client application won't connect to our server, and throws an error.




1. By default what FTP username and password does the IMS client application use to connect to our / any FTP server?


2. Is there a way that the IMS can download the update file from our server without using anonymous FTP, and if so how?


3. If we must setup anonymous FTP, can this safely be done as we are told it can't?


4. How do we check that the url / FTP address that the IMS is using referencing is correct as per where we have loaded the file with the iproducer.


5. In theory, once IMS has downloaded file, does it delete file off the server. Have can we verify / know that file has been downloaded from the server.


Please advise.

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I too have this issue. I have anonymous FTP enabled on my server, but when I enter my server details into IMS I always get the same error message. 

What is the correct format for entering the FTP information?

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