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Multiple channel Sound Card


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We want to record the calls in a callcenter, We are using a VOIP service with some ATA 186 and some Azatel adapters , each adapter has 2 phones and the callcenter has 60 adapters


We bought a Multichannel sound card M-Audio Delta 1010Lt, and a Recording Control (RC) device from Radio Shack Store (RSS); Cat No 43- 228A ,


I Disconnected the telephone’s modular cord from the wall jack and insert it into the modular jack on the RC 43-228A.


I Inserted the RC’s modular plug into the line 1 jack of the ATA 186.


I Inserted the RC's wider Y-plug with an Audio Adaptor (274-387 from RSS) into the hardware analog output 1 of de Delta 1010LT


Finally I Inserted the smaller Y-plug into the 1010LT's analog input 1 XLR jack.


I followed the steps to configure both, the sound card and VRS software. I belive is well configured.


I think my troubles are in the hardware connection. I'll appreciate your colaboration in this topic.




Thank you





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