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Streaming data recording without sound card


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Hello, I 'm hw and software developer. My hw. sends 8 channel audio data. but it is not sound card. streaming data comes from driver etc. and stands in memory.


Unfortunately my hardware is not real sound card now. only sends 8 channels PCM data. I saved incoming data from device (ch1ch2ch3ch4ch5ch6ch7ch8 streaming data) and split them to 8 channel via my simple delphi app. Its Ok. no problem. But I want to use automatic record for this streaimng data vith VRS


I want to record this 8 channel data to seperated channels for example 8 mono channels by using VRSAPI or VRSCMD Command Line Tool . Is it possible to record streaming data?


Of course possible as virtual audio mode (Voip) What should be done for this? How can I send 8 chanel PCM audio data as VOIP?


Thank you.

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