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Can express scribe use express dictate setting without purchasing express dictate?

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I use express scribe, and would like to automatically download express dictate files from email, but when I entered all the correct information for my email server, it still does not connect. I also called my email provider to ensure the settings I entered are correct, but it still does not download automatically.

At this point I am wondering if I am only able to download audio files automatically if I purchase express dictate, which I really don't need, as I type for only one employer, and files are going directly from their express dictate on their phone, to the email, which I am manually downloading. I would like the files to automatically download to my express scribe as he dictates them, as it will save considerable time instead of opening each email, downloading them individually, then opening the downloads individually and waiting for Express Scribe to open them up. So is it possible to use the Express Dictate settings without buying the software? 

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