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Desk FX effects not working when turned on


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I had this problem a few months ago, too. I fixed it somehow before, but I don't remember what I did to fix it. I think it may be an audio driver issue. 


I was using DeskFX (version 3.something, I'm pretty sure), and my hard drive crashed. When my pc automatically rebooted from my other hard drive, I reinstalled DeskFX on the working hard drive and reactivated it using my code that I bought at least a year ago. I downloaded the DeskFX file from Old Versions (oldversiondownload.com) since my registration code is too old to work with the newer DeskFX versions and am currently using version 3.14. In the options menu in DeskFX, it shows using my speakers as an option to use for the effects (which is the option I had it set on before), except the option is written differently. Now, the option says "[√] Speakers (Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio)" instead of what it said before my hard drive crashed. I can't remember exactly what the speaker option said before, but it was different. Now, when I select this speaker option and turn the effects power button on, there is no difference in the sound I hear, it does nothing. 


I think what helped me last time was installing different audio drivers (Realtek drivers) or setting up a new piece of audio hardware that automatically changed my audio drivers. I downloaded and installed some Realtek audio drivers on the new hard drive, but I don't know if installed the right ones that would fix the issue. I'm having the same problem after installing the Realtek drivers this time. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Maybe there are other kind of audio drivers that I need, or my sound card is broken or something? I'm trying to get the effects to work when turned on.     

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