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Using AI tools

Kenneth T

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Love my VideoPad it has been simple enough for me to use over the last five years - mostly!  I use videos as a dyslexic it is often easier than writing documents and papers.

Now experimenting with Invideo AI which is amazing at getting ideas into a rough edit, which is so much easier to do that a cold-start.

Have then imported the almost finshed video export into VideoPad to top and tail for the final item.

I'm waving a flag here, close -couple the two and change production ratios forever - please.



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You are 100% about ai. It is so much easier to work in any niche with ai right now. That is why it is obvious that every aspect of our lives will be tight with artificial intelligence. Both of my kids are now attending courses about Generative AI For Software Testing. I am sure that they will find a high-paying job instantly after finishing courses. By equipping themselves with expertise in this cutting-edge field, they are positioning themselves for success in a job market hungry for AI talent.

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