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Voxal Plus 8, Bluetooth MIC input headset supported ?

Ricky Gai

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Voxal Plus v8.00
Microsoft Windows 11 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.3374)

I noticed Voxal cannot function properly due to the MIC input from SkullCandy Crusher Bluetooth headphone incompatibility, the output section is fine.

Later, I changed to the physical MIC input line ( from motherboard ), the Voxal Plus software is working normally.


1. Does Voxal Plus software support Bluetooth wireless MIC input headset ?

2. If statement 1 is Yes, then what kind of Bluetooth wireless headset Voxal Plus supported ?

3. What model of Bluetooth wireless headset that Voxal Plus support fully, both MIC input and playback output device as I don't want to use separated MIC device, one headset will do ?

Please advise.

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Just received feedback from NCH software, the current version does not support Bluetooth MIC input headset, I already posted the request HERE. May be any one read this post, can submit the same request as well, as nowadays BLE wireless headset is very common, the Voxal Plus software should support it. Tq

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