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Is the free-to-use-only-at-home ExpressAnimate considered easy or difficult compared to the more-publicized similar programs?

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I asked because it looks like another free program, Blender, to me. And I just read a review of Blender that said learning how to use Blender is a complete waste of time,

because so many users have made changes to the original program that they have made Blender jammed with a lot of features that aren't needed and just

make it much more-complex than it has to be. The review said that once you learn how to use Blender, you then have to un-learn everything you just learned, because it's

not similar to any popular program. I'm sure I could find the review of Blender if I Google it and spend days looking for it. LOL.

This is the first time I've tried to do this "rigging" or "rendering" or whatever it's called. LOL. My previous way to do animation is to just "draw" my animation using my Paint program,

and this takes a long, long time. My idea is that once I reach a certain point, I could re-use most of the scenes I've made with Paint in all of the future animated cartoons I hope to make. LOL.

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