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Have a look at: www.nch.com.au/vrs/versions.html. In v5.10 the changes are as follows:

  • Added Browse button for Run command line exe option
  • Added a log message if the "Recording Started" prompt fails to play (due to a corrupt file or incorrect permissions)
  • If stereo recording and hum reduction enabled, added log message to tell the user it isn't applied. It only works when it is mono recording purposefully
  • Changed to use dynamic adding of controls and layout
  • Fixed CD backup from Find & Play causing AccessViolation-Main(1001)-Win51 (crash/thread/command/windows version)
  • Fixed Help Menu -> IMS link
  • Fixed bug where file could not be deleted when logging MD5 of audio.
  • Fixed Remote Control and Remote Monitor settings removal if in trial or registered.
  • Fixed time not being saved in Channel Properties -> Start/Stop Properties -> Date-Time -> Schedule Recordings
  • Fixed naming of recording files to remove illegal characters
  • Fixed a major bug in VoIP lines that contained a port number (file would not be created)
  • Buy Online toolbar button fixed
  • StatusBar text fixed
  • LLIB Speech engine change included
  • Removed Open Firewall (as no longer needed)
  • TextEdit dialog now appears for Prompt for Dial Data
  • Main Window is now defined as not resizeable so no arrow adjustment appears

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