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Hi All,

Beginner user of photo pad and have struck my first problem not shown in the help files.

When I have a photograph on screen ( and i have tried this with one that I have done no work on and those that I have)  and I hit

SAVE or SAVE AS ( any format) 

the normal save to which location window opens,

I select the location I want and hit Save. 

Immediately a wee box springs up that reads:

" Save As

C:\ (the DIR i have chosen)

File not found.

Check the file name and try again"


? I don't get it - PP has already given it a default name, and I am saving it not looking for it? 

what am I missing? 

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Seems I solved my own problem but restarting photo pad? Perhaps it had not worked out that i had upgraded from a demo to sub? - becasue now files are saving as normal after restart? 

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