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Web page controls keep asking for login


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After login to the AXON web page options, every time an option is selected it asks for you to login again. It leads in circles asking for a login each time. Some options state the login has expired and a login is required. The user and password is correct, if something else is entered an error message appears stating the login is incorrect. The user and passwoed have been changed several times with no help. The provider accounts register but no dialtone is present on the sipura. Axon has been uninstalled and reinstalled twice with the same result.

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Does your browser have cookies enabled? Axon uses cookies to check whether you have logged in. If your browser doesn't have cookies enabled, you will be asked to login every time.


All possible causes:

- Browser cookies disabled

- Use of a really really old browser

- Use of Safari with "Private Browsing" on or similar feature in other browsers

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