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How to make the balance add up?


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I have created some transactions in a savings account and have entered them in a different order than how they have appeared on the statement. For example I entered purchases and then once transfers cleared I recorded them. But now when I look at the balances, the balance next to each line item is incorrect. For example:


2024-02-15  Transfer Deposit=$17,783   Balance=$26,790.46

2024-02-15  Payment=$44.77    Balance=$26,745.69

2024-02-14   Payment=$81.19     Balance=$9,007.46


Reading from bottom up I expect to see the balance for the $44.77 payment to be $8,962.69. How do you spend $44.77 and the balance goes up $17K?

Then in the line item above it there is a deposit of $17,783 and the balance is $44.77 greater.


I have sorted the transactions in date order so the oldest appears at the bottom. But it is like the system knows the time of the transactions but has only sorted on date and while the two line items for 2024-02-15 are sorted correctly, the balance is wrong. 

How do I sort the transactions so the balance is correct? I am new to MoneyLine and I am concerned reconciling is going to be a nightmare if the balance is incorrect.

Surely this is an issue with other people. No matter what I sort on the balance does not change to show a running change.

Can someone please help.

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