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Using M Audio MTrack Eight to multi channel record

Nick Guggisberg

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Hi all,

When I want to use all eight inputs of the m-audio and for example assign channel one to "line 1/2 (M Audio M-Track Eight)" and channel 2 to "line 1/2 (M Audio M-Track Eight)" and so forth, I have to record in stereo and then I end up with channel 1 only in the left channel and channel 2 in the right channel and I can't mix them back to a stereo signal.

Is there a way of not having lines 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 and 7&8 working effectively as only one stereo channel each. That is, how can I record 8 channels concurrently and still have the option to mix them as 8 separate channels that can be balanced (L & R) how every I want??



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