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Cannot email quotations from macbook


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hello everyone,

i recently moved from a windows based laptop to a macbook.

Everytime i try to email a document to a client from express accounts, the mail application also ways give an error saying "so and so does not appear to be a valid email, verify the address and try again".

When i check the email addresses they are reapeated twice. first time with quote marks "" and second time with these <> somtimes their is only one <.

for the email to be sent i will have to delete the addresses in the <> and delete the "" signs from the beginning and end of the first set of email addresses.

i am running macos sonoma




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What is the email address you are using? Gmail, Hotmail ? The majority of the emails have implemented a two step verification that has increase the security. We recommend you to enable this feature by contacting your email provider and test sending emails with Express Accounts again. 

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I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with that. 

The exact same addresses are able to send on a windows machine.

Also on the Mac they are able to be sent when I use outlook. 

This only happens when I try using the mail app for the MacBook. 

It is some sort of bug. The email address format is being distorted by express accounts when sent to the email app. 

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