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Time problem


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I’m recording 6 channels with 3 sound cards, VRS 5.0.1, my system configuration is P4 2.8, 512 MB ram and operating system is Windows XP. At recording time I was logged with terminal to recording computer records is fine, but filenames are wrong (wrong time) here is log from VRS..

I think its problem when recording two or more channels at the same time.



12:37:29 Record started: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-37-28.wav

12:07:29 Record started: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-07-28.wav

12:07:36 Record complete: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-07-28.wav

12:37:36 Record complete: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-37-28.wav

12:07:36 Process & Compress File: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-07-28.wav

12:37:36 Process & Compress File: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-07-28.wav

12:37:36 Process & Compress File: Complete

12:07:36 Process & Compress File: Complete

12:37:36 Process & Compress File: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-37-28.wav

12:37:36 Process & Compress File: Complete

12:38:05 Record started: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-38-05.wav

12:08:05 Record started: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-08-05.wav

12:08:09 Record complete: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-08-05.wav

12:38:09 Record complete: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-38-05.wav

12:08:09 Process & Compress File: Channel_1_2007-08-09_12-08-05.wav

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