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Disappearing files


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I am a newcomer to Mixpad, but have found it very easy to pick up, and have spent the day creating two or three short multi-track music recording project. Everything went very smoothly, and I gradually learnt about the shortcuts which make the software quick and easy to use. BUT... at the end of the day, after I had taken my laptop to a different location, I tried to find and open the projects I had created, but they had vanished completely from my system, - Mixpad files and data folders. No sign anywhere in my system. Searches revealed nothing except the .wav files I had mixed them down to. Even the 'recent projects' list inside Mixpad showed no signs of these projects. I had religiously and regularly saved the projects as I went along, and made final saves at the end of the session. What is going on?? Can anyone shed any light on this please?


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