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Reading CD Information error?


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Opened program, Selected new project, selected layout type, selected Copy CD Info, then selected Album Title, another screen comes up Reading CD Information, then another screen comes up, this audio CD is not found in the database, I have an external USB device for my CD-ROM Drive from Dell! Windows 11, Professional 32 MB of memory? I have two registered copies. The same problem with the other machine? 

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first of all, thanks for the response, sorry didn't respond sooner, all of cd rom or music CDs I'm in the process of grabbing all of the Album titles and list are all professional produced cd's. another words audio CD's. I'll get back to this in a few days I'm going a couple of options. why I'm confused is a bought a copy back in the spring or early summer, the program worked great with fetching all the cd title and list? on the first machine then purchased another copy for another machine and both not working, but a retired software kind of guy. machine one just moved it to another location, second machine out of the box, the only thing that changed on the first box is just Windows update and security update the box was always on. Thats was got my curiosity.  



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