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Enterprise or Radio (Multiple Stations)


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I want to buy a Radio (Multiple Stations License) but i have a question. Does It includes also all features of Enterprise version?

Which is the difference because the price is the same.

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Guest nchto

Please read: http://www.nch.com.au/action/reginfo.html#vrs


If you purchase a "Basic" and "Lite" license you record 1 ("Basic") or 1 to 3 ("Lite") channels of audio in threshold detect mode. You cannot record continuously. These licenses are suitable for telephone recording or voice activated recording of up to 3 lines.


The "Enterprise" license is unrestricted (ie. it can be used in any mode up to 32 channels). The "Professional" can also be used in any mode but is restricted to 7 channels.


The "Radio" license is suitable for logging a single radio station. It can be used in continuous or manual mode (ie. 24/7 or scheduled logging). If you want to log more than one station on a single PC (up to 32), the "Radio (Multiple Stations)" license will be required.

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