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Can't get USB microphone to monitor a track with ASIO driver.


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I have over-ear headphones that plug into the microphone jack on the laptop and I have a USB microphone.  I installed the ASIO driver and selected it in General Options.  I'm playing a music track and want to record vocals on a second track as I listen to the music track and monitor the vocal.  I select the ASIO for all setting for the music track and I can hear the music through the headphones.  However, if I select the ASIO for generic USB device for the microphone, then I get a recording devices are missing error.  I can select ASIO for all and the integrated laptop microphone is engaged as the recording device.  If I select the default devices or realtech drive settings, then I can both listen with the headphones and record with the USB microphone, but I can't monitor on the vocal/microphone channel.

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