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Variable set rate not always conforming

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Express Rip Plus v1.41 on XP Home

I have ripped a CD to mp3 using the following settings

Variable bitrate - Min 128 - Max 192

Quality = Highest (0) - Channels Sterio

Ticked to Include CRC to detect errors.


On checking the resulting mp3 files saved to a folder

some show 7 to 1 compression (13%) Variable 191 kbps

and others show 44 to 1 (2%) Bitrate 32 kbps

although the resulting 32kbps files are larger than expected

1 tune taken at random showing 44 to 1 is 3397kb, when the same tune previously saved to hard drive for my player shows 153 kbps variable (9 to 1) and is only 2696 kb

Obviously I am obtaining better quality than a fixed 32 kbps file, but shouldn't the settings shown above not allow the variable to go below 128 kbps.

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