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Recommended Solution to Unlock PDF Files in Bulk

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Are you searching for a simple and effective solution to unlock PDF files in bulk? Then let me share my experience with you. A few days ago, I received a around 50 PDF files from my colleague for some editing and review purpose. Since all of them were locked for opening, therefore he shared their passwords with me, but forgot to send the master password that he had applied to all of them. So, even after opening the PDF files, I was unable to make required editing on them. Then, I searched for a PDF Unlocker software that would remove password protection from them. After trying a few online and offline tools, I finally got the right software for my needs. It instantly removed all types of password security from my PDF files and I could easily open them without any password and edit them too. Yes,it removed both open password and master password from PDF files and enabled all permission rights instantly. I first tried it with its demo edition, so would advise you all to first try it too. Only then proceed further for purchasing the licensed edition.

Read more >> https://www.cubexsoft.com/pdf-unlocker/

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